Our Story

Well, I decided to make this really cool shirt. It caught on with my brother Jesuits in Germany and soon enough I was making French, Italian, Lithuanian and Spanish versions. Things reached a tipping point when the Pope was given his own shirt while visiting Ecuador and suddenly my inbox was flooded with shirt requests!

After getting over the initial shock of seeing the Pope with my shirt, I decided to open JesuitSwag.com, the only place you can get your own official Jesuits t-shirt. Each one is custom-made by previously incarcerated and formerly gang-involved individuals looking to change their lives at Homeboy Industries.


The best part is Homeboy Industries and America Media get all the proceeds from these sales.

So, not only will you be rocking Jesuit (and now Papal) swag, but you’ll be helping support transformational work and two fantastic Jesuit ministries. After all, there’s no reason you can’t improve your fashion and help the Jesuit mission.

On behalf of Homeboys and America Media, thanks!